Shore Excursion # 2 - Fire Crater Lake & Sete Cidades Crater Lake

TOUR DURATION: 6 hours or during the ship stay.

Pick up at the seapier where your ship ataches, drive towards the West direction to the most West side of the island to see Ponta do Escalvaldo viewpoint to see Mosteiros village from the top and Ferraria volcanic thermal area.

Then drive up and down through Sete Cidades village to see one of the most Azorean villages of Sao Miguel Island. We will stop at the center of the village for the WC, coffee, and see Sete Cidades Church, with time to relax for a moment.

When everyone is ready, then drive to the bridge that divides the two lakes. We will start up the Crater from the other side, stop first at Sao Tiago Lake viewpoint, and then stop at “Cerrado das Freiras” viewpoint (view from a different perspective of the Twin Lakes), and then drive until we reach the most popular view of the Azores, Vista do Rei viewpoint, to see Sete Cidades Crater Lake (the blue and green lake). From there drive to “Pico do Carvão” viewpoint, from that view you can see the South and the North coast at the same time (the most flat and thinner area of the island of Sao Miguel). After seeing that side of the island, the next drive is to see the Fire Crater Lake.

Drive from there to the North Coast to Capelas town and stop at Miradouro das Pedras Negras (view of the North Coast and volcanic black stones). Our next stop is Ribeira Grande city (view of the city garden, center, liquor tasting possibility or coffee/chocolate shop, and view of the Ribeira Grande mother church (first construction in 1517 and reconstructed in the eighteen century).

When everyone is ready, we will start going up the mountain of Barrosa to see the Fire Lake. Before we will stop at Caldeira Velha park. There will be a short walk in and out of the park for photo oportunity, WC area if needed. At this Park you can see the warm waterfall, a hot spring, and very exotic scenery, where many Australian Tree Ferns grow (totaly may take around 15 to 20 minutes). After that stop, we will drive to the first view and stop to see the emerald green Fire Lake. Then drive to the higher view, almost at the highest point of Barrosa mountain, to see the Fire Lake from another perspective. From that view you can also see the South and the North coast at the same time (the most flat and thinner area of the Sao Miguel island) and also a opportunity to see (at 947m altitude / around 3000 feet) your ship at the seapier of Ponta Delgada. From there we will go down Barrosa Mountain to the South coast. At the bottom and before the arrival of your ship, we will pass through Lagoa city, several small villages and volcanic beaches until we reach Ponta Delgada. After that we will check the time and determine what more we can fit or what is the client’s mood (for example the Pineapple Plantation, if time permits). During the Tour there will be always WC stops, and in the middle of this Tour to drink and eat depending how long is your ship stays here that day, and what the clients feel like doing.

Note: Sao Miguel island weather may affect this itinerary and alternate sites may be visited if necessary.

TimePrice / person
6 hours50 €
Children less 10 years old25 €

Gallery Shore Excursion # 2 - Fire Crater Lake & Sete Cidades Crater Lake

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