Shore Excursion # 1 - Fire Crater Lake & Furnas Crater Lake

Pick up at the pier, drive from the South coast to the North coast towards the Fire Lake. Start going up the mountain of Barrosa to go to see the Fire Lake, our first stop is at Caldeira Velha (hot iron water fall) with a short walk and photo stop around 15 to 20 minutes with WC area there. See the waterfall, a hot spring and exotic scenery with many Australian Tree Ferns. Then drive to the first view stop to see the Fire Lake.

Drive to the other view almost at the highest point to see the Fire Lake from another perspective; from that view you can see too the South and the North coast at the same time (the most flat and thinner area of the island) with the opportunity to see (at 947m / around 3000 feet altitude) your ship at the pier. Then drive down towards Furnas, but first stop at the viewpoint on the South coast at Caloura view point. Drive through Vila Franca do Campo town. Getting closer to Furnas, we will drive down to or in the crater of Furnas passing and seeing the Furnas Lake. We will stop at Caldeiras at the Lake where there is hot springs; more known for the place where they make the Traditional and popular food underneath the ground.

Drive to Furnas village, and stop at the main hot springs and Thermal water springs called Caldeiras”. Later, we will drive up and out of the crater of Furnas to the viewpoint to see all of the Furnas Volcanic Crater (lake and Village) called Pico do Ferro.” From there we will drive to the Tea Plantation Goreana (see the tea plantation fields, factory with explanation, and free taste of green and black tea). Then we drive to the viewpoint Miradouro de Santa Iria to see the North coast. After that we will check the time and determine what more we can fit or is the client’s mood. During the Tour there will be always WC stops, and in the middle of this Tour to drink and eat depending how long is your ship stays here that day, and what the clients feel like doing.

Note: Sao Miguel island weather may affect this itinerary and alternate sites may be visited if necessary.

TimePrice / person
6 hours50 €

Gallery Shore Excursion # 1 - Fire Crater Lake & Furnas Crater Lake

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