Shore Excursions

Tailor made tours

Since the cruise ships stay here a short time and the passengers of the ship try to take advantage of it as much as possible for the short stop on the island of San Miguel. We try to arrive 1 hour before the ship is attacked here and bring the customers 1 hour before to avoid stressful situations. Ships can cancel the weather due, and it is not their responsibility, since you pay at the end of the Tour, which creates more risks and responsibilities for the cruise stops here. We pay an Entrance Fee to enter the SeaPier or the Port of Cargor to meet you and in some situations we need a SEF document that must be paid annually. There are e-mail works of Authorization to be made and sent to the Seapier office prior to the arrival of a ship.

Azorean Tours has created a special list for Shore Excursions that can be made during your stay here.

    Shore Excursions available