Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the conditions described here, and other notices that are described. Having accessed this website and any of its pages, the user will have automatically accepted all the terms and conditions established herein. Therefore, please cease browsing or public consultation of the pages of this website in the event that you do not agree with all the abelow terms and conditions.

Once Azorean Tours confirms your reservation, the contract will automatically be made between Azorean Tours and the Client, based on the terms and conditions mentioned below.

1. Reservations:

All values shown on the website are quoted in Euro and include the value of legal fees in force. All quotes and rates sent already include VAT at the current rate. In order to make a reservation over the internet, the Client must complete the reservation form completely or send a direct email to garytravassos32@gmail.com with the following information; number of people to participate in the tour (adults/children); date of your arrival and departure; where they will stay or meeting point; which services you would like to participate in and if you need any special requests. Once the service has been contracted/started, the customer will be accepting the terms and conditions, without exception. If it is by direct email garytravassos32@gmail.com to Azorean Tours, no prior payment is required, it will only be made at the end of the service in cash (Euros or even Dollars), if by filling in the form, payment is by credit card. Azorean Tours will not be responsible for incorrect email addresses or inability to deliver the email. If your booking confirmation is not delivered, you must ask us to resend it with the booking confirmations already paid for by you. All reservations made online will be confirmed by email.

2. Cancellation and refund policy::

The cancellation of your reservation must be made by email and sent to Azorean Tours. Cruises that do not dock on the day of the Combined Tour - full refund. At this moment with the situation of Convid-19 in the World: Cancellations received up to 3 days before service start - full refund. Cancellations received up to 2 days before service start - 25% penalty No shows or cancellations up to 1 day before the start of the service – 100% penalty.

3. Insurance:

When purchasing and enjoying our Tours, the client is automatically and legally covered by all the legally required insurance: Civil Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance. As required by current legislation, article 35 of DL nº 199/2012 of 24 August, the tours carried out by Azorean Tours are covered by civil liability insurance and also an extra personal accident insurance. Under no circumstances is Azorean Tours responsible for the loss, misplacement, theft or theft of valuable objects such as gold, precious stones, watches, mobile phones, silver and money, personal documents, credit documents. We will not be responsible for any damages or losses caused to the Customer when he participates in any activity outside our circuits.

4. Meeting points:

All Tours/Transfers start at your accommodation or at the Airport upon your arrival or at the cruise pier with information pre-submitted a month or more before your arrival. Collections from our Clients have an appointment in the sending email. 5. Your Obligations and Responsibilities The Client must inform in writing any physical condition or medication to which he may be subject. By booking at our services you accept all responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the Client. Full payment for any loss or damage will be paid on site directly to our representative/guide. In case of refusal, the Customer will be responsible for meeting all claims (including legal costs) as a result of its actions.

6. Changes made by us:

O Cliente deverá informar por escrito qualquer condição física ou medicação a que possa estar sujeito. Ao reservar os nossos serviços estará a aceitar toda a responsabilidade por qualquer dano ou perda causada pelo Cliente. O pagamento total por qualquer perda ou dano será paga no local diretamente ao nosso representante/guia. Em caso de recusa, o Cliente será responsável por atender todas as reivindicações (incluindo custos legais), como resultado das suas ações.

7. During the Tour or Service:

Our Clients will be invited to show respect for the different types of customs existing in the Azores. If the Client does not accept this invitation, he may be asked to leave the tour without any right to a refund. Our representative/guide will decide whether to cancel your tour and your decision will be final. Your Guide may need to make a decision for your safety. This is a condition of our reservations that the Client must accept and comply with, otherwise we may refuse to continue the Tour. In this case, the Customer will not be entitled to any refund. It is the customers responsibility to present themselves at the designated collection point and at the time indicated in the email previously sent before the service. If customers do not comply with these conditions, Azorean Tours reserves the right to cancel the reservation. Azorean Tours may, in some cases, grant the customer a rescheduling at a later date, in which case a full or partial refund will never be made. Portuguese law requires each passenger to wear a seatbelt while on board. Failure to comply with the law may lead to vehicle expulsion. High chairs (for children from 4 to 12 years old) and child car safety seats (for children over 2 years old) are available on prior request through garytravassos32@gmail.com

8. Weather Conditions:

Under no circumstances will Azorean Tours be held responsible for weather conditions that may eventually affect the Tours itinerary. Due to weather conditions, we may have to cancel the scheduled tour, informing Customers in due time of this situation. In case of critical weather conditions (Ex.: Tornado, Hurricane, etc...) the Tour is canceled and the customer will be immediately informed to solve alternatives with us (alternative days...) or even cancellation of alternative days and consequent cancellation of payment of the same Tour.

9. Complaints:

In case the Client wishes to file a complaint, he/she should go to our headquarters located at Rua do Rato 46 Matriz, 9600-508 Ribeira Grande at the place where the Complaints Book will be available. Any complaint received and substantiated will be responded to within 30 days of notification. All conflicts will be resolved under Portuguese law in the Ponta Delgada District Court, with express waiver of any other.

10. Smoking Policy:

Smoking is not allowed in our vehicles.


In compliance with the provisions of Law nº 67/98, of 26 October, Azorean Tours respects the privacy of all participants and will endeavor to protect any personal information shared. The processing of personal data provided was previously notified, under the legally applicable terms, to the National Data Protection Commission. All personal data requested are for internal use in order to provide the best experience for booking, payment and even for tour promotions. According to the law 2016/679 on General Regulations on Data Protection of the European Union, all individuals in the European Union or the European Economic Zone are protected under the mentioned law.

Information record:

Personal information is any information that can be used to identify an individual, including (but not limited to: name, email address, date of birth or other information necessary for you to submit your proposals under this call). The mere consultations of the Azorean Tours website, namely for the analysis of the conditions of this invitation, will be anonymous. Azorean Tours does not automatically record personal information. All personal information that may be requested will be for the exclusive information of Azorean Tours, and may not be disclosed to third parties without the prior consent of the respective holder.

2. Sharing Information:

A informação disponibilizada nunca será partilhada fora de AZOREAN TOURS sem a expressa permissão da pessoa ou entidade que a disponibilizou, sendo os dados facultados guardados em servidores controlados e geridos por AZOREAN TOURS com acesso limitado. Apenas pode ceder informação pessoal a outras entidades quando para tanto tiver sido prévia e inequivocamente autorizada.

Sharing Information:

The information provided will never be shared outsider Azorean Tours without the express permission of the person or entity that made it available, and the data provided will be stored on servers controlled and managed by Azorean Tours with limited access. You can only give personal information to other entities when it has been previously and unequivocally authorized to do so.

Data Security:

Azorean Tours guarantees the security of personal data through physical, electronic and procedural procedures. Thus, it uses security mechanisms and processes in order to maintain data security. Despite all efforts, it is not possible, however, for Azorean Tours to guarantee the complete and absolute inviolability of the security of the information received, so we urge that all precautions be taken with a view to protecting personal data when using the Internet.

Right to change, rectify and delete data:

The holder of any personal data is guaranteed the right to access, rectify, alter or delete them, pursuant to the provisions of articles 10 to 12 of Law no. 67/98, of 26 October. To do so, it is enough that the same expressly express this wish, in writing or in person, through the following contacts: garytravassos32@gmail.com


The content of our website is protected by copyright, whether texts, illustrations and photos. Not to be used by third parties in any way, except for personal use. non-commercial. Any other use will be subject to our prior written consent.